Selected features
Japan's Nationality Law
Elements of citizenship
Alien residence laws and stats
Fingerprinting in Japan
The racialization of Japan
One-hundred-million hybrids
The Empires of Japan
75 years after Pacific War
1952 ROK-Japan nationality agreement
Soshi kaimei myths
The continuing annexation (ROK & DPRK)
Recognition politics (ROC & PRC)
Zaitokukai vs. Zainichiism
Special Permanent Residents vanishing
Where are the historians?
Comfort women, prostitutes, sex slaves
Freedom of (hate?) speech
Moritomo Gakuen incidents
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2018-03-23Japan's Nationality Law   A primer and guide to other articles
2017-04-15Zaitokukai and the Japanese roots of Zainichiism   Special Permanent Residents as a caste of descendants of former Japanese
2015-08-25Nationality after World War II   Japan's bilateral talks with ROC and ROK

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